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n., v. Far.bren.gen: Chassidic gathering. Informal, open and warm. Interspersed with heartfelt Chassidic melodies and L'chaims and nosh. (What is a Farbrengen?)

We are proud to present a
Dinner and Farbrengen:
An Evening of InspirationahgLoo_0099 - Copy.jpg

with Dr. Aryeh (Leo) Steiner, PhD.

Monday, January 13, 2014 at 7:30 PM @ Chabad.

Dr. Steiner is a veteran psychologist in private practice in Toronto. He is also a senior board member of Chabad Lubavitch of Southern Ontario, as well as the father of numerous Chabad rabbis and rebbetzins working in Washington DC, Minnesota and Ontario. His unique background as a doctor and a Chabad chassid offer profound insights into the human condition, and when presented in his warm and convivial manner they are hard to resist! Please join us for a very special evening in KW.

This Farbrengen is being held in honour of the 63rd anniversary of the Rebbe's leadership of Chabad Lubavitch, the 10th day of Shvat.

Men and women of all ages (regrettably, the evening is not conducive to the participation of young children) are welcome and encouraged to attend, but we do need to know that you're coming. Please click here to RSVP.

A Farbrengen is, by definition, free of charge; voluntary contributions gratefully accepted. Dinner and l'chaims will be served, and we suggest an optional donation of $10 per person. Evenings sponsors are welcome!

"The study of Torah is equivalent to all Mitzvot" - Mishna, Peah 1