Do you believe that philanthropy is only for the rich? Do you think that a student is too poor to give Tzedakah?
We are happy to tell you that you are wrong! We are now actively seeking students who would like to give
back financially. With a small monthly donation, equal to the cost of a cup of coffee, you can partner with
Chabad and help ensure that no Jew is left behind. Here's how it works:

Tall: $2.08/month = annual gift of $25.

Grande: $3.00/month = annual gift of $36.

Venti: $4.16/month = annual gift of $50.

Trenta: $6/month = annual gift of $72. 

Gold Card: $7/month + = create your own Starbucks concoction, and set up a plan for whatever monthly amount you choose! 

Click here to set up your monthly plan. First enter your chosen amount, then select "recurring" and fill out the rest of the form. Your credit card will automatically be charged once a month, and you will receive a tax receipt for the grand total of the year's donations. You always have the freedom to pause your giving if necessary, and to resume when you can. 

You're a true mentch for giving back, and on behalf of all who benefit from Chabad's programs, we thank you very much! 

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