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Hebrew School Registration

  • Chabad's Hebrew School will take place on Sundays from 9:00-11:30 AM and is open to children entering SK-Grade 8. Classes will be taught by experienced teachers with years of classroom experience and a love for Judaism and children.

    Our Jewish community is diverse, small, and dispersed over 1369 square km of the Waterloo Region. We have parents who come from the FSU, Israel and North America, and whose level of religious observance spans a wide spectrum. Our special community requires a unique solution to provide fundamental Jewish education to our children, and after much deliberation and consultation, we are proud to offer a weekly program that will:

    * Bring children to the point where they master Hebrew reading skills.
    * Give each child a basic knowledge of Jewish holiday traditions, and essential Jewish morals and values. Most of all, we want every single child to be very proud of being Jewish!
    * Teach and model a welcoming non-judgmental attitude to every family, regardless of their level of religious observance or belief, in the spirit of Ahavat Yisrael - love of one's fellow Jew.
    *Breed familiarity with the concept and practice of Tefillah with 5 minute, kid-friendly prayers.
    *Build community and give the children a rare gift - Jewish friends! - through school trips, Shabbat dinners and other events.
    *Do the same for parents with periodic events for parents.

    We envision education as a partnership between parents, teachers and community institutions. Schools can only do so much; it is up to parents to reinforce the education at home. Together, we will give our kids the gift of the beauty of Judaism at a level they can appreciate and develop over time. 

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  • A Word About Tuition

  • In order to cover the costs of providing a quality Jewish education program, we have projected the tuition per child to be $200/month. 

    Knowing that this could force some families to choose between Jewish education and other important expenses, a number of donors are stepping up to close the gap, and thanks to them we will be able to offer monthly tuition of $90 per child, essentially <$10 an hour - an extremely good value. We still need more support to completely close this gap; please let us know if you would be willing to help.

    Payment instructions will be sent out upon your child's acceptance to the Hebrew School.

    For families who still require additional discounts to provide Jewish education to their children, a private application may be made for extra relief by emailing a request to No family will be restricted from participating due to financial difficulty.

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