Currently, Chabad offers the following opportunities for students to explore their Jewish heritage and identity. All classes are held at Chabad unless otherwise noted:

Girls Club: Exclusive classes and events for ladies only, led by Rivky Goldman. 

Sinai Scholars: A serious program for serious explorers. sssLOGO.jpgIf the prospect of 8 weeks of discussions/classes on Jewish philosophy with a group of like-minded peers makes you dance for joy - Sinai Scholars may be for you. This is a highly popular program developed by our national office and currently offered at over 100 campuses across North America. Program also includes a full Shabbat experience at Chabad, writing a reflection paper and a field trip to a major Jewish community. Participants who successfully complete the program are eligible for a $350 USD stipend. Click here to apply - you must be accepted to attend. Course is limited to 10 participants per semester.

Yeshiva Night: Every Thursday night, Chabad hosts Yeshiva Night, for independent "chavruta" study. Students can come with a pre-arranged study partner and selected Torah text, or just show up and be paired with a student and suggested texts. 

Alternative learning options (click on the images):


Jnet. Free Jewish learning over the phone. Personal, friendly and convenient.


Browse our extensive collection of downloadable, free Jewish audio. Classes on spirituality, daily living, Jewish history, holidays, and more, plus lots of Jewish music. Great for trips home!