Our alumni are our treasured friends with whom we've spent years of good times together. As we always say - graduation is not goodbye, and we never delete your numbers from our phones. Chabad is here for you as you make your way out into the big world and beyond with the following services:

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  • Referral system - wherever your career or travels take you, a personal referral to your new Chabad family will get you that coveted second serving of kugel and ease your adjustment to your new life.
  • Lifecycle events - we can guide and officiate at your wedding, son's Bris, and more. We are here for you in, G‑d forbid, times of illness or death as well. 
  • New Home - Mezuza sales and installation, kitchen koshering (and first l'chaims!) in your new apartment. 
  • Networking - nobody knows as many people as a rabbi and rebbetzin. When you're looking for a job, let us help!
  • Email list - click here to subscribe to our alumni list. Receive bi-annual updates on what's happening at Chabad, holiday wishes, and share in our family Simchas as they occur, G‑d willing. 


You remember what Shabbat dinners meant to you as a student. We're extremely touched and grateful when our old friends care to ensure that "as my ancestors planted for me, I will plant for others", and support the ongoing work of Chabad in Waterloo. Encouraged by the kindness of these dear alumni, we are happy to announce that all alumni can now "endow a chair" at Shabbat dinners at Chabad. The way it works is as follows:

  • Endowing a chair at Shabbat dinner is to be taken literally - there will be a chair with a temporary plaque with your dedication on it, which will be sat on by some lucky student every week. By endowing a chair, you are no longer merely a consumer - but a creator, and are our beloved partner in the great Mitzvah of Shabbat hospitality. 
  • To begin the endowment process - click here