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Kosher Residence Request Form

  • This form is to be filled out by incoming first year students (not parents) only. This form must be submitted by June 1, 2020 in order for consideration to be given for kosher residence accommodations.

  • Terms and conditions:
    I realize that Wilfrid Laurier University makes every effort to provide special accommodation to students who observe a kosher diet, and in requesting this accommodation I acknowledge and accept my responsibility to observe the fundamentals of kosher dietary laws to the best of my knowledge and ability. 

    I understand that I must also complete and submit the standard Laurier residence application by 11:59 p.m. on June 1, 2020

    I understand that I am able to request one friend only whom I wish to live with in the all-kosher environment. In order to have my roommate request considered, we must form a roommate group within the online residence application system. I also understand that both students in the roommate group must indicate that they are interested in the all-kosher environment in their online residence application, and both students must complete this online "Kosher Residence Request Form" by the June 1st deadline.
    P.S. Please mark your calendar for the big welcome BBQ - Tuesday, Sep. 8, G-d willing and health-permitting!
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