Below are courses currently offered in the Jewish Studies departments of Laurier and Waterloo.

University of Waterloo:


RS 112 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 010109
Power and Corruption in the Bible (Old Testament)
This course will deal with the period of the Prophets, e.g., Joshua, Kings, and Samuel. It will examine the uses and abuses of power analyzing the historical narratives and study the conflict between Saul and David, the political as well as the moral rise and fall of David. 
[Note: Knowledge of Hebrew is not required. This course fulfills an Area 1B or Area 2A requirement for Religious Studies majors but not both.]
(Cross-listed with JS 130)
RS 114 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 014871
Jews and Jewishness
This course examines the central elements that make up contemporary Jewish identity/identities, traditional and otherwise, with particular focus on the North American Jewish experience and the nature of Jewish modernity. It explores historical, literary, religious, and social issues that have contributed to the formation of these identities.
(Cross-listed with JS 114)
Only offered Online

RS 364 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 015869
Jewish Humour: Laughing Your Way Through History
Jewish comedians have dominated humour in North America from Groucho Marx to Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, and Seth Rogen. Studying Jewish humour is critical for understanding the development of Judaism, Jewish identity, immigrant experience, and response to persecution. 
[Note: This course fulfils an Area 3 requirement for Religious Studies majors.]
Prereq: Level at least 2A
(Cross-listed with JS 364)


GC 280G - Jewish Medical Ethics

RS 272 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 011636
The Holocaust and Film
An examination of the Holocaust as portrayed in feature films and documentaries. Do cinematic attempts capture the horror of the Holocaust faithfully, or trivialize it? The background to anti-semitism, use of religious imagery in propaganda films, and what counts as "success" or "failure" in cinematic representations are discussed. 
[Note: This course fulfils an Area 3B requirement for Religious Studies majors.]
(Cross-listed with JS 233)
RS 111 LEC 0.50 Course ID: 010108
Relationships in the Bible (Old Testament)
Students will be introduced to the Hebrew Bible by way of selected readings which deal with a particular aspect of the human predicament. The focus will be on exploring relationships via narrative passages in the Old Testament and particularly in the Book of Genesis. The following relationships will be discussed: spousal; human/God; parent/child; siblings; gender issues in narratives of rape, incest, seduction, and dominance. 
[Note: Knowledge of Hebrew is not required. This course fulfils an Area 1 or Area 2 requirement for Religious Studies majors but not both.]
(Cross-listed with JS 120)