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The Jewish Academy of the Waterloo Region: Your Second Chance To Know
Our Vision

The “D” in Chabad stands for Da’at, which is the Hebrew word for knowledge, and also connotes internalizing emotionally that which is comprehended intellectually – the goal of all learning. This important idea inspires the vision at JAWR.

We want the academy to be your “one stop shop” for enriching your own knowledge of all aspects of Judaism. The menu at JAWR is varied and appeals to many levels of knowledge and interest, and we are certain that there is something that will speak to you – and if, somehow, you don’t see a course that interests you – we encourage you to suggest ones that do.

» The NEW Monday Night Class
UPCOMING SPRING COURSE - Begins Wednesday, May 11th 2016 at 7:30 PM
שיעור תורה בעברית - המשפחה מתאספת
On alternating Sundays, the Israeli community of KW gathers for a discussion group. Having completed Pirkei Avot and Maimonides' Hilchot Deot, we are now studying Ein Yaakov, the Aggadic lessons of the Talmud.
» Lunch and Learn on Campus!
Join the Lunch & Learn revolution! Tuesdays at 12:00 and 1:00 PM at Laurier; Wednesdays at 11:30 AM and 12:30 PM at Waterloo. For Fall 2013, we will be stuyding tales of the Talmud and drawing life lessons from them. Engaging, easy and enlightening. Contact us for exact room details.
"The study of Torah is equivalent to all Mitzvot" - Mishna, Peah 1