How many people will be attending Chabad events? 

Founded upon guidelines outlined by the Region of Waterloo but with extra concern for the safety of our community, Chabad will be capping outdoor events at a maximum of 50 individuals and indoor events at less than that. This number ensures we can maintain safe practices and ensure social distancing.  

Will Chabad events be indoors or outdoors?

Chabad events will take place outside in a spacious tent. As the months become cooler, our events will necessarily move indoors at a lower capacity.

What is the procedure to High Holidays (Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur) reservations? 

Please visit to see our schedule and RSVP. Walk-ins will not be allowed this year; only those who RSVP in advance will be welcome. 

Will you be able to host Shabbat dinners that adheres to COVID-19 protocols? 

Chabad is committed to providing all students with a warm and welcoming environment, and therefore Shabbat dinners will continue! Dinner will be served buffet style. To avoid cross contamination, food will be behind plexiglass and will only be served by servers wearing proper PPE.

For those unable to participate in these events, a Shabbat to go package containing Challah rolls, Shabbat candles and Kiddush materials will be made available every week for Friday pickup, free of charge, just like Shabbat dinner.

How can you ensure that your maximum number of guests will not be exceeded with last minute arrivals?

Although we never want to turn students away, it is important that we prioritize health and safety during this time. We will ask all students to RSVP to Chabad events and confirm their attendance. We will be confirming that students’ names are on the attendance list prior to them entering the event. To join the RSVP system, students must text "loodaism" to 226-240-4242. If a student has not RSVP’d, unfortunately they will not be let in, as it is vital that we can maintain accurate lists of all guests for contact tracing purposes.

What, if any, PPE will be provided at Chabad events?

We encourage everyone to bring their own masks, as the mask you love is the one you are likely to wear. We will have the standard blue masks available for those who come without a mask, and hand sanitizer will be amply available. We thank the donors of PPE for their generosity.

Are masks mandatory at events that are not meals? 

At outdoor events, masks are mandatory if social distance cannot be maintained, except while eating. For anyone entering the facility at any time, masks will be mandatory. We also ask that you maintain a strict distance from our children at all times.  

PLEASE NOTE: we recognize that these are extraordinary times, and they bring out a variety of reactions which can all be considered normal. Chabad's hallmark is Ahavat Yisrael, loving every Jew and meeting them where they are. We expect that all guests at Chabad will also be able to process opinions and reaction to the pandemic that differ from their own in this light.